Honest and trustworthy

Honest and trustworthy best describes Pete at Harold Park Repairs.

We run a small fleet of company vehicles and started using Harold Park Repairs in 1997 when one of our vehicles had just run out of its extended warranty. The dealer presented us with a substantial list of repairs and a quote to match. A friend recommended Harold Park Repairs and we have never looked back.

I first met Pete as an apprentice, when he was working on our vehicles and he would take the time to call and explain any additional work that should be done immediately or at the next service.

In 2003 one of our vehicles suddenly overheated and stopped on the M4 near Penrith. The NRMA towed it to nearest dealer who quoted thousands to repair the engine. We had it transported to Harold Park Repairs, and upon inspection, Pete who was now the owner, asks if the vehicle had been in an accident as one of the pipes carrying coolant was rubbing against the bodywork . It had ruptured resulting in loss of coolant and the overheating. The vehicle had been repaired after a front-end collision some months prior and our insurer offers a life time guarantee on the repair. After much hesitation, the insurer agreed to have their assessor and two independent smash repairers assess the repair at Harold Park Repairs and the insurer agreed to have the repair done under the original claim. If it had not been for Pete’s attention to detail we would have been unaware that it had resulted from an incomplete smash repair.

Pete has instilled these values in his staff and they are always approachable, friendly and polite.

Over the years, they have always operated in our best interests which ensures we will continue to have our vehicles serviced at Harold Park Repairs.

30 July 2014 – Frank Borcherdt – Strathfield